Whenever a student attachment come to us, one of the factors that differentiate a student from any other students, is their attitude and their willingness to learn. So, the higher level of willingness to learn the more willingness that we are here as a supervisor to actually teach them. Congratulations to Cosmopolitan College students on this.

Hajah Safrina Bte Pehin Dato Hj Abdul Rahman -
HR Coordinator of the ministry of Culture Youth and Sports

Investing with education in CCCT is worth it. Having HND qualifications will open doors for career prospects and will give me an edge in the job market.

Harminah “Mimie” Haji Harun -

Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology taught me to take initiative, to strive to be on top, to push myself further. The methods of teaching here have also developed my character, as I am now more confident when speaking in front of a public crowd. Although academics are an important part of education, at CCCT, we are put through many hands-on activities which develop our skills which would then become valuable assets when we seek employment.

Jose Nigel “Ng Chee Wai” Alvarez -

Talking about student attachment; youth and sports department really appreciates all students from Cosmopolitan College that has been sent. We can see that all the student coming to this department has shown their skills and interest. They really show their commitment as well as perform whatever task that has been given to them. So myself as a coordinator, for these students, I really appreciate their courage and would like to welcome more. Thank you.

Fatima Matali -
HR Coordinator of the ministry of Culture Youth and Sports

Age is irrelevant in today’s modern education world. The question is whether you are up to the challenge in gaining more knowledge thru education and thus services are a gateway to better options and more opportunities.

Pg. Hj Helmi Bin Pg. D.S.S. Dr. Hj Mohammad -