CCCT Appreciation Night 2015 goes International

At the struck of sunset of last Saturday, 18th April, 2015, Badiah Hotel was packed with people mostly from Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology to attend the college’s Appreciation Night. The theme of the event was ‘International Night’. This is an opportunity for one and all to showcase their talents, in addition to their academics. The celebration was filled with exhilarating lucky dips; astounding performances from both the employees of the college and the students as well as a special guest appearance from Brunei’s local artist and youtube sensation, Jaz Hayat and his band.

The event opened with the recital of the Surah Al- Fatihah by Mr Azizul, a senior lecturer of the college. Traditional costumes from different countries like Brunei, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the likes came paving their way to the event.

To top that off, there were distinct song performances by a guest performer from Pelangi FM, Hafiz, and some students of Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology. There were also several dance numbers performed by the college’s homegrown talents namely from the Dance Club Revolution and as well as the lecturers themselves.

The crowd was tickled with both their appetites for food and entertainment. This celebration is essentially a way for the college to show their indebtedness to both the students and employees of the college as well as to bond with its community. The event is also a way to show its appreciation to the sponsors’, namely, Nazmi Trading, Concept Computers, Megastrike, Radisson Hotel, Rentokil, Termicam, Andy L. Professional, TAIB, BIBD, Duners, Aewon, Go Lean Fitness Studio, PHMD Publishing Company, Kausar Cafe, KMAS Media and the management of Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology.

As a whole, the event was a success, a night filled with loads of fun and laughter. This was also one of the ways of the college to create a more fun filled environment between the students, lecturers and employees by appreciating and celebrating each and everyone’s presence.

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