CCCT Holds Maths Day

To strengthen the students’ arithmetic ability and critical thinking, Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology organised an academic competition entitled, ‘Maths Day’ among their new intake of students yesterday at their college premises in The Airport Mall.

Eleven (11) groups competed against one another in answering easy, average and difficult questions. They all had to search for the questions in different locations and undergo one challenge after another under time pressure.

This activity fostered team spirit and persistence in accepting challenges.

“We enjoyed the activity because it was fun working in a team to hunt for the hidden questions and answer them together.

It was tough answering the Maths questions in word form and we were only given one minute to answer”, says Vanessa Lo Mei Lee, the team captain of the winning team.

The Academic Division of the college has planned several academic competitions for this year to help develop students’ confidence in their abilities.

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