CCCT Celebrates MIB Day

Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology has come up with another exciting event of celebrating MIB day .The 2014 MIB Day was organized in Dewan Mahligai Hall, Airport mall, by the Language and Communication faculty of Cosmopolitan College, as a mark of enhancing the Brunei culture and tradition within students. It was a two-day event wherein, the first day (Tuesday, 29th April, 2014), the drawing competition was conducted and the second day (Wednesday, 30th April, 2014) was when the main event was conducted.

The theme of the celebration was “Value the culture and tradition of Brunei”. The emcees of the two day event were the very own students of the College namely Haji Abu Hurairah At-Turumudzy bin Haji Hamzah. and Nur Qamarina binti Ahmad. The event was graced by the Executive Chairman of Cosmopolitan College, Dr. Aziz Latip. It started with the reading of the Surah Al-Fatihah followed by a welcome speech by Mr Khairulanwar, the chairperson of the event. There were many other activities like the talent show and Tutong Wedding Ceremony. Students also brought out their business mind by setting up booths for food, and other small scale businesses like selling articles, customized items, traditional items and the likes.

The event brought a vibe of our country’s culture to the point wherein even the language Bahasa Melayu was conversed in class and around campus to commemorate these two days celebration. Lecturers and students were dressed in the traditional costumes to mark this day. Students managed to try their knack on business and as well as to express their love for the country’s culture. The college looks forward to organizing more events as such in the near future.

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