To strengthen the students’ arithmetic ability and critical thinking, Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology organised an academic competition entitled, ‘Maths Day’ among their new intake of students yesterday at their college premises in The Airport Mall.

Eleven (11) groups competed against one another in answering easy, average and difficult questions. They all had to search for the questions in different locations and undergo one challenge after another under time pressure.

This activity fostered team spirit and persistence in accepting challenges.

“We enjoyed the activity because it was fun working in a team to hunt for the hidden questions and answer them together.

It was tough answering the Maths questions in word form and we were only given one minute to answer”, says Vanessa Lo Mei Lee, the team captain of the winning team.

The Academic Division of the college has planned several academic competitions for this year to help develop students’ confidence in their abilities.

Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology has come up with another exciting event of celebrating MIB day .The 2014 MIB Day was organized in Dewan Mahligai Hall, Airport mall, by the Language and Communication faculty of Cosmopolitan College, as a mark of enhancing the Brunei culture and tradition within students. It was a two-day event wherein, the first day (Tuesday, 29th April, 2014), the drawing competition was conducted and the second day (Wednesday, 30th April, 2014) was when the main event was conducted.

The theme of the celebration was “Value the culture and tradition of Brunei”. The emcees of the two day event were the very own students of the College namely Haji Abu Hurairah At-Turumudzy bin Haji Hamzah. and Nur Qamarina binti Ahmad. The event was graced by the Executive Chairman of Cosmopolitan College, Dr. Aziz Latip. It started with the reading of the Surah Al-Fatihah followed by a welcome speech by Mr Khairulanwar, the chairperson of the event. There were many other activities like the talent show and Tutong Wedding Ceremony. Students also brought out their business mind by setting up booths for food, and other small scale businesses like selling articles, customized items, traditional items and the likes.

The event brought a vibe of our country’s culture to the point wherein even the language Bahasa Melayu was conversed in class and around campus to commemorate these two days celebration. Lecturers and students were dressed in the traditional costumes to mark this day. Students managed to try their knack on business and as well as to express their love for the country’s culture. The college looks forward to organizing more events as such in the near future.

Last week, Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology held it’s very first outdoor competency training at the Berakas Forest Reserve.

The event started at 1:30pm and ended at around 4:30pm. This training is set to bring the students outside their comfort zone and challenge them to work with other people outside their circle of friends.

A total number of about 50 students coming from the Skills Certificate 2 and 3 as well as the High National Diploma level took part in the training.

There were a number of activities prepared on that day, this includes building a tent, making a sundial, creating a sandcastle and catching a filled water balloon. Each activity came with a time limit wherein each group will have to meet to accomplish a task.

According to the students, they have learned a lot of things especially on team work and to work with pressure. Everyone managed to let their creativity out and complete each task efficiently.

As a whole, the training was a success and the college looks forward to do more competency training with the students in the near future.

Cosmopolitan college of commerce and Technology (CCCT) recently held an orientation event on the 2nd of April 2014 for a total of 160 students from different levels such as Diploma, Skills Certificate and Higher National Diploma level all of which are from the Business and Information Technology courses.

The event started with a recitation of the Doa, led by Md. Nur Azees Bin Awang Ali, Diploma IT Intake 2 student. It was continued by the opening remarks by one of the lecturers from CCCT, Mr.Asfa wherein he introduced the Student senate members, this was followed up by a brief talk from Md. Ajizul “Andy” Amin bin Haji Awang Jaya explaining about the student council.

In the talk, Mr. Asfa and Andy both said that, the student senate and the student council plays different yet vital role for the college as well as lecturers and students. Sir asfa added that, the student senate is to help students in their academic progression, listening to the problems and help them in guidance when they are in need. While Andy pressed that the student council main role is to guide the college in helping to run any events, school’s discipline and to be a good role model for all of the students.

The occasion was later continued by a warming up session from the Fitness and Wellness member led by Md Nur Syahidayat, the president for the Fitness and Wellness club. The students then were asked to participate for the 9 games prepared such as the Ice breaking activities, Tongue Twister, CCCT word puzzle, Building the Bridge, kaki terikat, pinball and Scrabble. Prizes were also given to the top 3 winners from a sum of 15 groups.

The ceremony was a successful event with the guidance of lecturers, the Student Council, the Student Senate and volunteers from the College.

Welcoming the new school term, Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology held it’s appreciation night last 29th March 2014 with the theme Celebrity Night. The celebration was filled with exciting lucky draws; amazing performances from both the employees of the college and the students as well as a special guest appearance from Brunei’s former P2F champion ZulF.

The event was celebrated at the Dewan Mahligai Hall on the 3rd floor of Airport Mall. Everyone came in dress as their chosen celebrity and on that night celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, the Kardashians and the likes came paving their way to the event.

In line with that, there was a special performance entitled Blue Jeans from the one and only Michael Jackson of the college. Several other amazing group dance numbers followed this from the different faculties of the college such as: The Virus (IT Faculty), Jawdroppers (Business and Language and Communication Faculty) and the Mixed Equation (Maths and Accounting Faculty). These numbers included music numbers as early as the 80s’ up until the present.

The crowd was entertained with both their appetites for food and entertainment. This celebration is actually a way for the college to show their appreciation to both the students and employees of the college as well to bond with its community. And in line with that, it’s about time the college put their workload aside and enjoy the company with a party.

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