It’s the time of the year where students leave the classroom and head on to the track field for Cosmopolitan College’s Annual Sports Day. On a bright sunny Saturday morning, 16th of September 2017, students and lecturers including the management of Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology (CCCT) were at Padang Kebajikan at Jalan Berakas, joining forces with their focus on the winning cup.

There were four house teams namely Amber, Saphhire, Jade and Amethyst. Each of which had it’s own set of will-powered team players comprising of students & lecturers.

The event was officially opened by a speech from the COSMOPOLITAN COLLEGE STUDENT OFFICERS (CCSO) followed by a Zumba Activity which was led by Cosmopolitan College’s very own lecturer and her team.





Last Saturday night, 9th September 2017, Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology held it’s appreciation night at Parkview Hotel, Jerudong. Approximately about 200 students and staff of the college attended. The theme was Monochrome (Black and White) being the main color of the event.

The night was filled with entertainment performed by both students and staff of the college. The event started with a welcoming remark by COSMOPOLITAN COLLEGE STUDENT OFFICERS (CCSO)

The event was wholly organized by the COSMOPOLITAN COLLEGE STUDENT OFFICERS (CCSO), which was supervised by the management and members of the faculty. The program for the night included various performance by the students, lucky draws, a singing competition which managed to show off the students' hidden talents, special numbers from the staff of CCCT.

The night was a big success for the college as it has not only made many proud of the college’s achievements but it was also a night filled with fun and excitement.


STUDENTS of BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business of the Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology (CCCT) recently had the opportunity to apply the skills they learned in managing events, in a Hari Raya gathering for the college’s students, staff and lecturers. The event began with a recitation of the Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by a speech from the Principal of CCCT Nadhirah binti Jambol and the reading of a poem.

The event saw a medley of Hari Raya songs and other tracks performed by the CCCT’s music club Voices of Cosmo, with students and lecturers joining in. It also featured games and presentation of prizes for the best-dressed male and female attendees.





Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology opened its doors to the new intake with a back to back orientation last April 1st and 2nd. The first day of orientation was held outdoor at the Tasek Lama located at the capital of the city. The day was filled with a lot of activities with a matching hiking escapade, organized by both the College’s ECA Team and the Cosmopolitan College Student Officers (CCSO).

The first day of orientation started with a prayer and warm up session. A brief introduction of the staff and lecturers of the college was then followed.  There were several out door activities prepared that day but the most challenging part was when students had to go for a hike to reach the tower only to face several challenges together with their respective team mates.

This year’s orientation with the theme Game of Thrones was tailored according to the houses in the college. These are namely the Amethyst Dragon, Jade Phoenix, Amber Lion and Sapphire Bear.  For each fun filled activity that was prepared a score will be awarded and it is to be accumulated till the college’s Sports Day.

By the end of the day, the Amethyst Dragon came out as the team that landed in first place to be followed by the Sapphire Bear, Jade Phoenix and Amber Lion. The first day of orientation ended with a scrumptious lunch at the park.

On the following day, which was the 2nd of April 2016, the 2nd day of orientation was held at the Mahligai Hall located on the 3rd floor of Airport Mall.  The said event was filled with briefings regarding the JPKE scholarship rules, the courses taken by students, the college’s learning system called Ezi-Learn (an exclusive system for the students of the college) the Students Management System and the Skills Development Programs. In addition, the introduction of the Extra Curricular Activities of the College as well as the Discipline and Dress Code rules were also explained during that day together with presence of the parents of the students.

To top the orientation off, a college tour was given to the new intakes, courtesy of the College’s Students Officers (CCSO).  Overall, the event was filled with a lot of activities and briefings. The college wishes to see the new intakes to be ready to face the new school year with a brand new perspective of learning and a fresh mindset to soar high for their and the country’s future.

Held last 21st May, 2016, students and lecturers of Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology had a beach cleaning campaign at Tungku Beach. The event was tagged as the Go Clean event. The main objective of this event is to create an awareness of keeping the beach clean and how it affects the environment.

This event was organized and led by the Language and Communication faculty of the college.

As the sun rises at eight o’clock in the morning, the students and lecturers of the college assembled at the midpoint of Tungku Beach. Starting from one end to the other, the participants managed to pick up quite a handful of trash.

This activity is indeed very helpful to both the beach and the community as keeping the environment clean is every so often taken for granted.  Ocean trash is actually one of the most serious pollution problems. If we can keep our beaches clean, we will have more chances of clean water and this will help us to have a cleaner and healthier life.

Towards the end of the event, it showed a much cleaner and brighter perspective of the beach. The college would like to encourage everyone to do their part in society, to keep the environment clean. This is as we are all citizens of this earth and we owe it to Mother Nature to keep it clean.

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