Student Leadership Programme April Intake 2019

Once again, COSMO made waves as we recently held our 4th SLP: Student Leadership Program welcoming our new students for April 2019 intake. Venue was at the Taman Rekreasi Hutan Simpan Berakas. Students had so much fun meeting new friends and at the same time being engaged in a unique, high impact leadership activities. Students were divided in groups and completed challenges on areas of communication, teamwork, thinking outside the box, planning, problem solving, critical thinking, work delegation and more.

COSMO’s SLP is a much awaited event held twice a year, it is designed to equip students with tangible skills and explore learning beyond classroom. Indeed, students have enjoyed the day and was also able to learn various leadership qualities and other practical skills to survive in a competitive environment. At the end, Team “Humble” was declared as the champion earning the highest points in showing solid teamwork, communication and more.




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