Half of the year has passed and it’s another time where students get recognized for their hard efforts. The National Computing Center in UK has just released the results of their Awardees for this year 2013. The results were extremely good for a number of Bruneian students managed to make the cut for this student award scheme.

Every quarter, NCC Education recognizes the highest achieving students around the globe. There are three types of awards each of which is applicable upon a student achieving an overall grade of 70% or more. Such awards available, are the Global High Achiever Award- this is awarded to students with highest mark, per programme, globally; also we have the Regional High Achiever Award- this is awarded to students with the highest mark, per programme, for each of the five regions and also the third award would be the Roll of Honour Award- this is for students who receive an overall mark of 70% or higher upon completion of their programme.

Good news for Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology, two of their NCC Business Programme students namely Dk Noramaliyana @ Dk. Anna Pg. Hj. Yussop and Md. Adi Razi Bin Sharbini managed to be recipients of the NCC Education Student Award for 2013. 


Both students manage to garner excellent grades to earn their place of the Roll of Honour Award. In addition, Dk Normalaiyana @ Dk. Anna Pg. Hj. Yussop is also a recipient of the Global High Achieve Awards for 2013.

These awards will be given on the end of the convocational ceremony of the students. Congratulations to the two students, they have indeed managed to make both their college and country Negara Brunei Darussalam very proud of them.

As part of the school term break, Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology is spending the holidays at Kuala Lumpur.

Both the faculty members and the administrations are flying off for about four days. They will be staying at Picolo Hotel located at the heart of Bukit Bintang.

Along with shopping and touring, the organization will be having a team building seminar which will be hosted by an International Motivational Speaker and Human Resource Trainer, Dr. Ali Qassem.

This is actually one of the ways for the college to express their gratitude towards the valuable efforts and time being invested by their staff.

This event will also act as a good refresher for the staff, in time to jump start the school term once they get back from their break.

In commemoration of the 29th National Day, the Brunei Chess Federation held a series of chess competition at their hall near the stadium. Patronizing the event is Cosmopolitan College. The team was led by Ms. Diana, our head of ECA. There were three SC3 BA students and one lecturer who represented the college.

The Cosmopolitan team joined the Rapid Chess division and our very own lecturer Ms. Thumesha managed to bag the 2nd prize. The main purpose of this participation is to give the students more exposure as well as to encourage the students to be critical thinkers. Chess is not just a game but its also a training for concentration because it keeps you focus when you are into this board game.

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