CCCT Students Visit RTB News Centre

CCCT has arranged a visit to RTB News Centre to exposed the students a sense of responsibility, to enhance IT, to teach self-discipline, and to form camaraderie. The visit was made last Thursday 24th August, 2017 at the RTB News Centre.

The RTB News Centre managed to introduce the students with the live broadcasting that it provides as well as briefing students how they actually operate their organization and work as a team. The college believes that it is very essential to expose these students to know what is practically going on in different industries in Brunei. This will make them understand and appreciate what they are learning inside the classroom. With that, the college aims to equip them with skills that they will need to become better individuals in their chosen career.

Altogether, there were eighteen (18) students and three (2) lecturers who participated in the visit. The college has lined up several activities for this semester and hope that this term will be worthwhile and truly rewarding for these students.


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