CCCT team building activities and training in the Philippines

Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology flew to Philippines last 9th August and has arrived safely in Brunei last 13th August 2015. The team went there to celebrate their 11th Year anniversary.

During their stay in the Philippines, the teaching and non-teaching staff had a set of team building activities, training and touring arranged by the management. The trip was a very productive and enjoyable one wherein each and everyone of the team member of the college had the time to regenerate their energy and find inspiration.

Upon arrival at Manila, Philippines, the college travelled to Pampanga where they stayed there for five (5) days. Mimosa Leisure Estate, was the name of the place where the team chose to reside at. The journey from Manila to Pampanga took about three hours with minimum traffic and the weather lightly pouring.

On the second (2nd) day, the college immediately kick started with a very exciting team building activities at Tree Top Adventure wherein physical and mental agility was put to test. Right after the activities, the team travelled to Ocean Adventure to take their sumptuous lunch. During the break, the team had a chance to experience a new way of foot spa, which is quite popular today, it is known as fish spa wherein the origin of this is Turkey and is brought to Pampanga, Philippines. As the day continues, the team preceded to a beach activity in the afternoon, wherein this involves a sack race, kayaking and a lot more other physical activities.

Technically the day was more of like an amazing race kind of adventure wherein the staff members were divided into four (4) teams, namely: Amber, Amethyst, Jade and Sapphire; from there the teams competed with each other for the cash prize from the management. The day ended with the Dolphin and Sea Lion live show from Ocean Adventure.

Moving on to the third (3rd) day, the whole team was brought touring around Clark, Pampanga. The first stop was at CDC, this is a museum where people can see how Pampanga started and what it is to the Philippines. Aside from that, the team also managed to see a little bit about the tradition and history of the Philippines. In addition, right beside CDC is the 4D Theatre; this is actually one of the places where the team was very excited about, as they got a chance to exclusively watch a short 4D film about the history of Pampanga. The film also managed to showcase about the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. To top that off, since it is in 4D even the team could even feel the water and ashes splashing to their faces. The experience was indeed a very enjoyable and exciting one. As soon as the short film was done, the team was taken to tour Hansa Creations. This is actually a stuffed toy factory made from recycled bottles and personally hand crafted by every Filipino working for the factory. The tour was very interesting and a good place to take a lot of photos with the adorable stuffed toys that looked almost real. Right after that, the team was taken to Nayong Pilipino. This a national park where national displays of the Filipino heritage can be seen. The third (3rd) day trip was indeed filled with historical tours. To sum up the whole day tour, the team proceeded to Show Mart (SM) Shopping Mall, the biggest shopping mall management in the Philippines.

As the fourth (4th) day preceded, the teaching and non-teaching staff had a training by an International Motivational Expert and Human Resource Trainer, Dr. Ali Qassem from K-MAS Management. This is where the team was trained to reintroduce themselves to their own teammates as well as to have a sense of ownership towards the company. The main aim of the training was to boost the sense of teamwork, as this is what the management primarily believes in.

On a nutshell, the whole agenda of this trip was not only to celebrate the 11th year of the college but also to express their gratitude towards the valuable efforts and time being invested by their staff as well as to inspire the team to do better and keep on improving.

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